JyotiSangh Museum

Jyotisangh Vikas Yatra Museum

A permanent exhibition depicting the journey of women’s emancipation, through 75 years, in india and Gujarat in particular, is housed at Jyotisangh Relief Road, It is a must-see for all. This museum has been established to recount to the current generation each incremental step taken towards women’s emancipation. It traces history right from the days of the freedom movement and the inception of Jyotisangh in 1934 by Mridulaben Sarabhai, to the legendary tales of the guntotting Charuben Yoddha who rescued oppressed women

Visit the museum & get inspired by the work of women substances.

Visiting Hours: Mon. to Sat. 10:30am to 5:00pm

JYOTISANGH Relief Road, Pattharkuva, Ahmedabad-380 001, (Ph.) +91-79-25353908

A society smiles when its women are happy.We’re on a mission to give them a thousand reasons to smile!

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