Who We Are

Jyoti means Lamp, Jyoti means Light

Spread the Light of the Lamp In the homes of the Poor. - Mahatma Gandhi
Jyotisangh: A women’s movement:

Jyotisangh is an organization, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and founded by Ms. Mrudula Sarabhai. It was the first women’s organization encouraging women to actively participate in the freedom movement of India. Way back in the year 1934, Jyotisangh espoused the cause of improving the lot of women through various endeavors. At a time when women led relatively sheltered lives and hardly stepped out beyond the boundaries of their homes, Jyotisangh attempted to solve their problems, address their needs and to some extent fulfill their dreams.

Contribution of JyotiSangh to Society :

Over the years under the leadership of various stalwarts like Shardaben Sumanbhai Mehta, Leelavatiben Hariprasad Desai, Arunaben Ramnikbhai Parikh, Charumatiben Yoddha, Urmilaben, Padmaben Jaykrishna, … various activities like providing creches for working women, providing skill upgradation for economic independence, organising programmes for mentally challenged girls, and providing relief through legal recourse for distressed and harassed women were undertaken. Jyotisangh has steadfastly attempted to uplift the condition of women coming from the lesser privileged section of society. Jyotisangh attempts to address basic issues but with a different focus. When more and more women are sharing the economic responsibility of the home, the focus shifts to helping them move towards self-empowerment and economic sufficiency through skill upgradation. Jyotisangh attempts to introduce newer and dynamic programmes to make women contributing members of society. Jyotisangh’s activities are carried out in two well-appointed buildings; one at Relief Road, Pathar Kuva and the other at Bhimjipura, Vadaj.

About Us

We are on a cause – cause to empower women and alleviate society.


To empower women, to equip them to take a lead in the social sector, and to educate them to understand and demand their rights.


To bring women together on a common platform in order to empower them by educating them regarding their rights and by providing them opportunities to benefit from the services provided by Jyoti Sangh


To motivate and encourage women to participate in various programs in different fields like Family Counseling, Vocational Training and Skill Up gradation so that they can gain confidence to take a lead and live their lives with dignity

A society smiles when its women are happy.We’re on a mission to give them a thousand reasons to smile!

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